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About Us

A little about how we began and where we are going.

We are here to serve you.

Who is Smart Choice Realty & Mortgage Finance INC?

We have access to lend money in very unique scenarios. Since we have access to over 350 lending institutions more than likely you can bring your unique – sometimes ugly situation here and we can get to cleaning it up for you! When you choose other lending institutions they normally want to fit you to their strict underwriting criteria but when you work with Smart Choice we have access to such a wide variety of cutting edge programs and products that we find the right one for you with a quick search!
We are able to do refinances:
• Cash out to pay off debt (While keeping a low monthly payment) (be completely OUT OF DEBT!)
• Cash out to upgrade your property – raise its value! (While keeping a low monthly payment)
• Cash out to bank your money for a cushion in case of emergencies. (earn money on your equity while sitting in the bank)
• Cash out to invest in another property!! Rental properties can give you monthly income while your renter pays off your mortgage!!
• Cash out to start or improve your business!
• Rate and payment reduction! Our floor rate can normally can go lower than what’s offered in market with a buydown. (Ask if you qualify to buy your rate down to 2.99%!!!)
• Complimentary credit score increase as an added bonus for choosing Smart Choice!

We help you get into the home of your choice:
• We can find the house base upon your Wishlist. (easy phone aps can narrow your search down to the ones you want to go see)
• We can analyze your financial situation and give you the suggested purchase price of your new home based on your income and financial standing.
• We can get you a full approval so when we negotiate your offer it will be most favorable because its guaranteed by the approval from the bank.
• We can help you find your house anywhere in California.
We can sell your home for you:
• We negotiate the most money for your property
• We will SELL YOUR HOME and FIND YOUR NEW PROPERTY and GET YOU FINANCING for your new property!

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